Considering my daughter was spying on me and reading my posts without my knowledge I deleted them. Feeling sad. Any way I can change the name of this without losing all the kind readers who follow me?
Not sure how to find trust with my daughter again. I took all her electronics, including her phone. She just left, in the car. I will be a wreck all day since she’s out driving with no phone. But, I am not giving in or giving it back. I am going to look for one of those emergency phones, the kind that call one number (mine) and 911 only. I’ve heard of them but not seen them.

4 thoughts on “Deleted

    1. Yes, they are. And I am good with that knowing I don’t put identifying info in them. No names, no locations, etc.
      She would not have found it other than she saw the WordPress app icon on my phone, became curious, and went thru my phone.

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